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Mission Pack 2: Mutant Syndrome

Mission Pack 2: Mutant Syndrome

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Exposed to a mysterious mutagen, the bodies of large numbers of Dark Sector inhabitants have begun to gruesomely distort - as have your own...

This expansion pack for Escape the Dark Sector introduces new rules and content to enhance your adventures.


1 New Boss Card - Encounter The Mutanoid, an advanced and powerful alpha-mutant

12 New Chapter Cards - Exploring new areas of the station, plagued by horrific mutant adversaries

3 New Crew Cards - Loyal alien specialists eager to join the mission

9 New Item Cards: Gruesome crew-mutations, and powerful new cybernetics

4 New Dice: Three new crew dice each with a MIXED DOUBLE result, plus a 'Mutation die' used to determine the effects of certain chapters and items, as well as bringing a new challenge to the boss battle

1 Supplemental Rule Book - Your handy guide on how to incorporate the expansion content into your collection

New Mechanic: Mutations! Crewmembers can now fall prey to mutations during the mission, warping their bodies and bringing about both negative and positive effects...


*A copy of Escape the Dark Sector is required to use this expansion.


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Rule Book

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Mission Pack 2 Rules PDF