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Mission Pack 1: Twisted Tech

Mission Pack 1: Twisted Tech

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Discover the bizarre and disturbing technology of the far future, where sinister intentions and limitless possibilities collide...

This expansion pack for Escape the Dark Sector introduces new rules and content to enhance your adventures.


1 New Boss Card - Face-off against Neuroshima, an evil uber-genius obsessed with cybernetic brain implants

12 New Chapter Cards - Exploring new areas of the station and encountering its tech-skewed terrors

9 New Item Cards - Including deadly new weaponry such as the Flame Thrower and Sniper Rifle, and powerful new cybernetics

3 New Drone Cards - Sentry Drone, Replication Drone, and Surgical Drone

7 New Dice - Two new kinds of Ammo Dice plus a 'Tech die', used to determine the effects of certain chapters and items, as well as bringing a new challenge to the boss battle

1 Supplemental Rule Book - Your handy guide on how to incorporate the expansion content into your collection

New Mechanics - Tactical Drone Selection! During setup, choose which drone your crew will take on the mission, each with unique abilities and two different ways it can be activated


*A copy of Escape the Dark Sector is required to use this expansion.



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Rule Book

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Mission Pack 1 Rules PDF