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Adventure Pack 3: Blight of the Plague Lord

Adventure Pack 3: Blight of the Plague Lord

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From the deepest, long-forgotten passageways, to the vaulted eaves of the highest towers – there you will find his creation. For he is the Plague Lord - a monstrous, sentient mass of weeping pustules, proud emanator of an all-encompassing evil. It would be his most perverse pleasure to watch as you slowly succumb to the agonising torment of the Plague...


This expansion for Escape the Dark Castle includes:

1 New Boss: The Plague Lord, gaining strength as his infection grows

15 New Chapters: His deranged followers, and new castle locations  

3 New Characters: Versatile new prisoners ready to join the quest  

3 Character Dice: Representing the new prisoner’s endowment of skills  

4 New Items: Vital new equipment for prisoners to discover in the depths

4 Plague Cards: Prisoners can contract, spread, and even succumb entirely to plague

1 Plague Dice: Used to control the contraction and spread of this vile disease


*A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this expansion.

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Rule Book

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