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Sector Collector's Box

Sector Collector's Box

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Storage solution, with bonus expansion inside.

Now you can store every item in your Escape the Dark Sector collection in one box with ease!

With its sturdy, matt black box and spot UV detailing, the imposing exterior of the Collector’s Box hides an elegant organiser within. 

The Sector Collector’s Box also includes an exclusive expansion, introducing new rules and content to enhance your adventures.


3 New Start Cards - Each offering an immediately choice about how to begin your mission

4 New Boss Cards - An array of powerful new foes, each unique and devious

1 New Card Card - Introducing K-100, the first Android crewmember with a completely balanced stat line

1 D12 Crew Die - K100 rolls a 12-sided die which includes a TRIPLE result, but he is known to malfunction from time to time…

1 Demolition Mech - A powerful, full-body contraption comprising 4 slot's worth of interlocking item cards. This awesome rig grants the wearer immense armour and firepower for a limited time, at the expense of mobility and tactical flexibility

1 Life Support Module - Allows crewmembers to transfer their life-force between one another during missions

2 New Starting Weapon Cards - Alien sidearms with mixed ammo-type functionality

6 Ammo Dice - A top-up to ensure you have enough on hand for the full arsenal the game now offers

4 Medical Record Dials - A reusable alternative to the paper medical record pads

1 Dice Bag - Store all the game’s beautiful dice and tokens in one satisfying pouch

1 Metal YOU token - Used to help keep track of who is leading the crew into each chapter

1 Supplemental Rule Book - Your handy guide on how to incorporate the expansion content into your collection, including a visual guide on what goes where within the organiser tray


*A copy of Escape the Dark Sector is required to use this expansion.


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Rule Book

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Collectors Box Rules PDF