Chapter dice for this enemy are rolled INSTEAD of being removed. If they end up being replaced (for coming up Wisdom) they are not considered to ever have been removed - they have merely altered. Since removal is required to kill an enemy, it does deal damage at the end of the round in which you re-roll its last remaining dice – provided the dice is replaced.

If you are MARKED FOR DEATH (Adventure pack 1: Cult of the Death Knight), and the cult die is added to the row of chapter dice, you would treat it as another chapter dice. So when it will be removed from the line of chapter dice, you would roll it and any wisdom, regardless of the colour of the face, would be re-added.

If you are playing with the death dice (Found in the Collectors box), when removing a death dice, you will still re-roll it, and if the face rolled as any wisdom on it, add a normal chapter dice, wisdom side up, back into the row. Death dice DO NOT get added back into the row of chapter dice once removed.