This is one of our teamwork cards, where two characters must synchronise to pull off the task – in this case trapping the evil jailer! The three traits in the game are Might, Cunning and Wisdom. To trap the jailer, you need to nominate two players and those two players must try and roll the same trait on their character dice. Each of the nominated players must roll at least once, and can roll up to three times to try and achieve this, and those rolls can be taken in any order the players choose – they don’t need to be simultaneous.

For example, maybe the first player chooses to take their first roll and then stop. Then the second player could take all three of their rolls to try and match it. Even if they don’t, the first player still has two rolls left to try and match whatever the second player ended up with.

If at any point during these rolls the same trait is shown on both dice, the players succeed! If not, they fail after having rolled 3 times each.

One thing to note is that a double of any trait (e.g. a double WISDOM) IS a match for a single of that same trait (e.g. a single WISDOM) in this chapter – it’s about showing the same trait on the dice, not the exact same result.